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As a Relationship Counsellor, I notice that many of our distressing experiences exist and continue to cause us problems when we feel isolated from our relationships with others. At times, this disconnection from others can translate as a disconnection from our sense of self and we can lose hope in our capacity to make choices about how we want to live our life.

I see my role as one of sitting with people in conversation, working collaboratively to manage and understand the concerns that bring them to counselling.

My counselling work addresses many of the symptoms of human distress such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss. I aim to support my clients to make meaning from their life experiences in such a way that they find a sense of hope and a striving to live a life in line with their own values, goals and individual needs.

“…how hard it must be to live only with what one knows and what one remembers, cut off from what one hopes for!… There can be no peace without hope.” ~ Albert Camus